All I know is Ram Nam

Nama Article 3rd December 2009

Bhagawan Yogiram Suratkumar

All I know is Ram Nam. For him there is no need for realisation, visions, experiences, or anything else. Ram Nam is everything.

Chant the name all the 24 hours ! I do as ordained by my Master. That's enough for this beggar!"

Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


Once Yogirămsuratkumăr was talking calmly to a devotee. A man happened to come there. At once Yogi picked up an apple and threw it at him shouting angrily, 'Why have you come here? Have I not asked you umpteen number of times not to come here?' The devotee who was with Yogi was shaken up to the core. When the man left, Yogi turned to this devotee and said in a very calm tone, 'Do you think that this beggar was angry? This beggar never gets angry. He is not angry at all. This beggar is doing only good to him. But, there are different ways of doing good depending on the person. All cannot be treated alike. I have done only good to him. To understand this beggar is very difficult. If you want to understand this beggar, this beggar's true love, then you should become this beggar!'


So, Jnănis might appear to exercise fear, anger, etc. But, their hearts are filled with peace ('săntam') and love ('premai'). If they do not have love, would they have attained 'Realization'? If they had possessed anger or likes/dislikes, would they have attained 'Realization'? This is verily the proof ('pramănam') for their 'Bhagavat săkshătkăra'! Such behaviour of theirs is 'kapatam' (not true. Everything is only a play act) Why so? Only then can people be corrected."


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare 
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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