We would feel that there is none as rich as we are because we have got such a Guru Ratnam


Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


Association of Sadhus is so great. If only one gets Satsangh (association of Sadhus), he attains everything in life. He becomes totally pure. It does not matter how one was earlier.


We go to the Holy Ganga for a holy dip. On the way we find lot of gutter water running in streams. We walk across them very carefully and reach the Ganga for the holy dip. After the holy bath we take the holy water in a pot to be given to our relatives and friends at home, after doing puja to the ‘kalasa’ carrying the holy water. But, what is surprising is that the streams of gutter that we saw while going to the Ganga, also finally mix only in the Ganga! It is verily this water that we have brought home in a pot as the holy water and performed puja to it!


Though it was gutter earlier it has become pure on mixing with the holy Ganga; in the same way, it does not matter what was our state earlier. Once we earn the association of Sadhus we also become pure. As soon as we see such Mahatmas we would feel that we are not sinners, for, if we were sinners would it be possible to get their darshan? Moreover any sin performed gets burnt away on the very darshan of such Mahans.


We would feel that there is none as rich as we are because we have got such a Guru Ratnam (Gem of a Guru)!


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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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