Pillayar and Lord Krishna – One gets immediate benefits on remembering Lord Krishna and his Leelas

Nama Article 1st September 2011


Wish you all happy Vinayaka Chathurthi


Source: Deivathin kural


Pillayar and Lord Krishna – One gets immediate benefits on remembering Lord Krishna and his Leelas by Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal [Maha Periyava] of Kaanchi Kaamakoti Peetam


Lord Krishna’s mind is always on ‘loka kshemam’, that is the welfare of the world at large!


Lord Krishna was blamed to have stolen Syamanthaga Mani (a rare gem which grants prosperity).


Narada said to Krishna, “You happened to see the moon on a chathurthi, that too the most important one of Bhadrapada Chathurthi (Vinayaka Chathurthi) at that! That is why you are finding yourself on the wrong end of the bargains repeatedly. So please do Maha GaNapathi Vratam and worship him!”


Instead of thinking of PiLLaiyar to be only his nephew after all, KrishNa did the required pooja on both KrishNa and Sukhla Paktcha Chathurthi, as per customs and traditions.


Vinayaka told Krishna, “Since you have come in human form and living the life of a model ideal to be emulated, you decided to get affected by my general curse it seems! Now that you have shown the way out of the bind, your problems will vanish and you will come out shining brilliantly like the moon coming out of the clouds!”, said the nephew to the uncle!


Krishna told Vinayaga, “Your darshan has cleared the confusion in my mind. It shows your big heart and liberal mindedness. It is not enough, if I am the only one benefited by this series of incidents. Please be kind enough to say something for the benefit of the public at large!”


It suited PiLLaiyar’s intention too. Earlier, in the context of Chandra, people of the world had been debarred from looking at the Moon. As a counter to that, in the context of Krishna, he wished to grant a boon to people in general ! “Earlier I had said that, seeing the moon on sukhla chathurthi will entail much inconvenience, which can be got rid of by making amends only after seeing the ‘moonraam pirai’ or the crescent moon on the third evening after new moon, that is the ‘thriteeyai’! That comes only after the passage of a month! Now I declare that who-so-ever hears the story of Syamantaka MaNi and thereby are reminded of Krishna and his experience, will get rid of the stigma of seeing the moon on the fourth evening after new moon. In general one will be relieved of all troubles that one may face and attain peacefulness on remembarance of Krishna by recalling this Syamanthaka Mani upakyana“!


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In divine presence, even the deadliest of enemies lose their tendency of hatred


Ganapathy and Rama Nama


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 

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