Let the young man remember Him constantly and pray to Him to give him peace and joy.

Nama Article 10th February 2012


Question: A young man of 29, with a tumour in the brain, asked me how he can really thank God in the state in which he is. I did not know what to reply.


Swami Papa Ramdas


It is not that he should thank God for what he is, but pray to God in that situation that his mind may dwell in Him, and whatever happens to his body be left to God in implicit surrender to Him. Disease has come not only to him. He has not been singled out for it. There are so many who have been stricken with physical and mental diseases. The mind is filled with so many low, grovelling desires. In this state the mind is said to be highly diseased. Just as there is a tumour, cancer or some other disease of the body, so also there are diseases of the mind. These must be removed first and this can be done only by thinking of God and by surrendering ourselves to Him.


When death comes near to us, we are frightened. It is that fear that makes us take refuge in Him. Difficulties help in bringing us nearer to God. They may be either physical, mental or circumstantial. There are so many who would have forgotten God and be immersed in worldly pleasures, doing many evil things, had not some trouble turned their minds towards God. They say: “O God, You have brought this tribulation on me in order to draw my mind towards You.” In this case, if the young man takes the Name and remembers God, leaving his malady to His decision, he can make himself happy. Very often, by God’s grace, incurable diseases get cured. So, let this young man believe in God and think of Him. By His grace he will be cured of his trouble, however difficult it may appear to be in the eyes of the doctors. The Doctor of doctors is God. He can cure people of the worst of diseases when He wills.


Let the young man remember Him constantly and pray to Him to give him peace and joy.


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Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 

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