People’s mind should possess Dharmic thoughts. The only way for all these is to make Bhagavan Nãmakirtan reverberate all over.

Nama Article 15th April 2012


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Sriranga Mãhãtmiyam (the history of Srirangam) declares that it is this Viraja nadhi (river) in Vaikunta that flows as river Cauvery here in Srirangam. Is this not Bhooloka Vaikunta? Therefore, Cauvery is none other than the Viraja nadhi of Sri Vaikunta. The experience of the Mahãns is that it is the very same Vãsudeva (Para Vãsudeva) in Sri Vaikunta who is in ‘Yoga nidra’ here in Srirangam. In ‘Tirumãlai’ it is sung, ‘Gangaiyil punidhamãya Cauviri naduvu pãttu pongu neer parrandu pãyum poompozhil arangam thannil’ – claiming the greatness of Cauvery over the Ganga.


Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji –


(During Pratishtta din’ of Sri Kalyãna Srinivas Perumal, Mathurãpuri, Mãhãnyam – Year 2004 )


Only if a place is peaceful can there be progress. Only then can there be thoughts of progress. In the same manner we should have sumptuous water supply, good yield of crop. People’s mind should possess Dharmic thoughts. The only way for all these is to make Bhagavan Nãmakirtan reverberate all over. There is no doubt in this. This is not a path shown by me. It is a ‘mãrga’ shown by all Mahans.


I am very happy in this matter (of Nãmasankirtan). Today, wherever I go, I find it encouraging to find that the attempt to make the sound of Maha Mantra reverberate all over has been quite successful. It makes me happy to find all the places I visit and all the people that I meet perform Maha Mantra kirtan. Our volunteers visit different Towns and assist the locals in doing Nãmakirtan. I also find the locals coming forward enthusiastically with the request, ‘If you would begin the Maha Mantra kirtan in our Town/Village, we will run it.’ And in many a Town/Village this is going on. Not only this, but also individuals have been doing Nãmakirtan of the Maha Mantra in their homes every Sunday evening from 4 to 6. They invite people in the neighbourhood to join them and are thus performing Nãmasankirtan. Some of them complain to me, “Nobody comes for Nãmakirtan.” I give them the reply, “It does not matter. You keep doing Nãmakirtan. By one person performing Nãmkirtan the whole street, the whole colony would be happy. So, keep doing Nãmakirtan.”


By speaking of the glory of Bhagavan Nãma in many Cities, Towns and Villages, Nãmakirtan has caught up in all those places. All are inviting me to visit their Cities, Towns and Villages. I have been visiting many places. I have also been speaking about the greatness of Bhagavan Nãma incessantly.


The glory of Nãmasankirtan is experienced directly in every place. At Ãmbur where I went for ‘upanyãs’, people were grieved that the monsoon had failed. On the performance of Nãmakirtan they have had heavy rains of 35 cm, creating history. At Vellakovil there has been rains after the performance of Nãmakirtan.


Last year when I went to Madurai for ‘upanyãs’, all people were aggrieved that they had had no rains. We started off an ‘Akhanda Nãmakirtan’ and there were rains. This year when I went again for ‘upanyãs’ they reported good rains. This year, too, ‘Akhanda Nãmakirtan’ was performed.


Therefore, through Nãmakirtan the ‘loka’ will prosper, the Country will prosper, the State will prosper and the area where reside will prosper. When we light fire in the oven for cooking food it not only cooks food but also throws light around. Does it not? Likewise, even if we do Nãmakirtan for material gains it will change the course of the life of each individual. It will bestow several kinds of ‘kshema’ (welfare).


Bhagavan Ramana who did ‘upadesa’ of Vedanta says, “There is no difference between Bhagavan Nãma and Bhagavãn. Atma Jnãna is attained easily through Nãmakirtan.” 


Wherever Bhagavan Nãma kirtan is performed the cosmic changes there. Waves of the Lord’s Presence exist there. There will be peace in that home. All ‘subhiksham’ will take place. All auspicious happenings will take place. "


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 

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