The Năma Sankîrtanam performed by the Mahăns is not a spiritual practice (‘sădhana roopa’).

Nama Article 8th May 2013


Is Năma Sankîrtanam performed for the attainment of Liberation alone?


The Năma Sankîrtanam performed by the Mahăns is not a spiritual practice (‘sădhana roopa’). It does not mean that they are performing Năma Sankîrtanam to attain something; either Bhagavat darshan or Jnăna. Our Gurunatha, Bodendra Swami, did not stop chanting the ‘Tăraka Mantră'(Rama Năma) throughout his life (alone) but even today He is in Samadhi (for the past 300 years), as ‘Brahmi Bhoota'(as THAT which IS – Brahman), chanting the Tăraka Mantra. Is it then to attain Brahma Săkshătkăra that He is doing japa or for Rama darshan? No, it is for neither. It is neither for Brahma Săkshătkăra nor for Rama Darshan. The Năma is not different from Brahma Swaroopa. So, is being in Năma means being away from Brahmaswaroopa? No, it is not so. Since Bhagavăn, Bhagavăn Nămas (Names), Bhagavat swaroopa are not different entities from Brahman He is always steeped in it (doing japa of Bhagavăn Năma). So, what is the purpose (‘tătparyam’) of the Mahăns performing Kîrtanas?


In Kali, in Vedănta mărga only a handful of people can get liberated through Brahma vichăra. Or through Karmănushtăna a few might get liberated. Through Yoga ‘abhyăsa'( practice) a few might get liberated. Therefore, the Mahăns give Upadesa of Năma to crores and crores of people and ask them to perform Năma Sankîrtanam. Are there not innumerable people who do not perform Năma Sankîrtanam? It is for their sake that the Mahăns perform Năma Sankîrtanam! What does the Guru Kîrtan say about Bodendra? One cannot get a Guru like Bodendra. Why? He does japa of Rama Năma and gives it as alms (‘bhiksha’) to all those who go to His Presence (‘sannidhi’). He does not even ask you to do japa, instead, does it Himself and gives it to you as alms!


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Which path do you follow?……………….What is the greatness of Bhakthi?


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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