We attach ourselves to Him who has no attachments to rid ourselves of our attachments.

Nama Article 25th May 2013


Source: Discourses by Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati [Maha Periyava] of Kaanchi Kaamakoti Peetam (today is Maha Periyava's Jayanthi)


Guru bhakti


As one holds fast to steady pillar to prevent from being tossed about, so too should one bind oneself through Bhakti to God, to steady one's mind.


The purpose of prayer is not petition for benefits. Such petitioning implies either that God does not know what we want, which will militate against His Omniscience, or that He waits to be asked and delights in praise, which will degrade Him to the level of ordinary man. Why then do we pray? Though Omniscient God is immanent in every creature and knows what is in the heart of every person, yet, if what we wish to say in prayer remains unsaid, it afflicts our heart and so prayer heals that affliction. By prayer, we do not seek to change what God ordains; in fact, we cannot do so. We go to Him to remove our impurities.


As Tiruvalluvar said, we attach ourselves to Him who has no attachments to rid ourselves of our attachments.

(பற்றுக பற்றற்றான் பற்றினை அப்பற்றைப்

பற்றுக பற்று விடற்கு. )


A devout consciousness that God exists will itself do the miracle of alchemising us into purity of nature. We obtain a spiritual charge into our frame by being in His presence.


Please check these: Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


Do not move away from a Sadhu or your Guru because he did not/does not speak to you


Realization is the result of the Master’s (Guru’s) grace, more than teachings, lectures, meditations, etc


Those who have come within the ambit of the Guru’s gracious look will be saved by the Guru and will not get lost.


We may question, ‘why can’t I meditate on the clock on the wall or on the black dot on the wall?’ Sound has power


By Chanting and listening to Divine names of the Lord various unwanted thoughts that arise and disturb our mind are erased out and new ones do not crop up.

Anything that comes from the perfect cannot be imperfect. That which has come from perfection is also going towards perfection. When we see it en route to perfection, it seems to appear imperfect. That's all.


You should not only accept from the bottom of your heart the situation that the Lord keeps you in but also be grateful to Him for that because it is verily the Lord's blessing!



Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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