God is enslaved not by external extravaganza but only by true inner devotion and worship

Nama Article 26th June 2013


Poosalaar Naayanaar, an ardent devotee of Lord Siva, lived in the sacred town of Thiruninravur. His mind and heart was forever fixed in the Lotus Feet of his beloved Lord.


This devotee of Lord Siva was an adept in Aagama, Veda shastras. He had a deep desire to build a temple for his Lord Siva in Tiruninravur. But he was unable to collect the funds required for this and this disconcerted him. It was then that a thought struck him. "I may not be able to build a temple for my dear Lord in my town but I can build as big a temple as my heart craves in the cavern of my heart." He then set about collecting mentally all that was needed for constructing a big temple.


On an auspicious day Poosalaar Naayanaar sat in a place, controlled all his senses and started building the temple mentally, within his heart cavern, as per 'aagama shastra'. He took that number of days to build this temple in his heart as would take to build one physically in the external world! He then fixed a date for conducting the 'Kumbabhishekam'! (holy consecration of the temple)


It was at this time that the Pallava King had completed the construction of a big temple for Lord Siva in Kancheepuram and had fixed a date for conducting its 'kumbabhishekam'. On the eve of the 'Kumbabhishekam' the Lord appeared in his dream and said, "Poosalaar, a dear devotee of mine, living in Tiruninravur, is conducting 'Kumbabhishekam' tomorrow for the temple that he has built for me. Fix another date for the 'kumbabhishekam' of the temple you have built for me as it is my Will to be present in Poosalaar's temple tomorrow!" With this instruction the Lord disappeared.


On waking up from the dream the King felt dumbfounded. At the same time he deeply desired to visit this temple of Poosalaar, where the Lord Himself longed to be. On reaching Tiruninravur the King searched for this temple but in vain. It was not to be 'seen' anywhere. And none knew of its existence!


The King then searched out the home of the Lord's devotee, Poosalaar and met him. The King narrated his dream to Poosalar and asked him, "Where is this temple of yours which is attracting the Lord's Presence?" Poosalaar, too, was dumbfounded. He then spoke, "Oh! King! The Lord has been so kind to pour forth this much love on this slave! Though I entertained a deep desire to build a big temple in this town for my dear Lord I could not go about it due to lack of funds. So, I built one in the cavern of my heart and have decided to conduct the 'kumbabhishekam' tomorrow."


The King marveled at the deep devotion of Poosalaar and realized the power of true worship of the Lord. He fell at the feet of this true devotee of the Lord and returned to Kancheepuram.


The Lord presented Himself in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Poosalaar Naayanaar's temple at the time fixed for the 'Kumbabhishekam'! From that day onwards Poosalaar worshipped His Lord, all the five 'kaalaas' (times), in this temple in his heart and attained the Lotus Feet of the Lord.


Children, do you now understand that God is enslaved not by external extravaganza but only by true inner devotion and worship ?


Please check these: Excerpts from a discourse by our Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji


Let the one who cannot do Bhakti go out to do tapas!


What is there in this world that devotion to the Lord cannot do?


Man feels that only the most difficult is the highest, the most difficult way is the best way. This is a very wrong notion


That love, can sprout only by his grace. His grace descends when we chant the Mahamantra.


When can one earn Guru krupa? When God decides to bless a person, he receives Guru's grace. One has to be blessed with Bhakti; and that is blessed only by God/Guru.


Reciting the Divine Names of Lord Hari, one can overcome the most formidable delusion of mind.


There are many ways. But the simplest and the easiest way is by chanting the "Hare Rama.." Mahamantra.


They are for those who don't believe in simple prayers.


Bhagawan Nama Bodendra Saraswati Swamigal puts forth his findings in the following words, "Since it is so easy and simple, none takes to it!


Would it not amount to grave injustice if one shows a difficult path to the world?


God gives whatever is required (by His devotee), removes whatever is not needed, leads the devotee in the path suited to him/her; Since Bhagavãn takes utmost interest in the devotee's needs the latter will not earn/attain any 'siddhi'


Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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