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Sri Narayana Tirtha’s Krishna Leela Tarangini – Namasiddhanta Gitam

Nama Article 18th August 2011


Sri Narayana Tirtha’s Krishna Leela Tarangini – Namasiddhanta Gitam


The Gitam 'Ramakrishna Govindeti' is perhaps one of the most enchanting and sumptuous descriptions of the greatness of Chanting the Divine names making it the Namasiddhanta Gitam. The enunciation could not have been clearer or more emphatic. Says Sri Narayana Tirtha : The three holy names — Rama (Ganga) , Krishna (Yamuna), Govinda (Saraswathi) — constitute a Prayag, a most holy and venerated confluence.


A dip in this Prayag, in the form of a reverential utterance of these three sacred names, has no reference to direction, location and time – the chanting of these three names can be done at any place, any time and facing any direction and is with in easy reach of all. He reiterates Namasiddhantha and says that the practice of Chanting the Divine Names ensures beatitude – liberation through jnana, sumptuously aided by the ocean of the Satguru’s compassion.


It brings the Supreme experience with in easy reach of the devotee. Even the Paramahamsas, yogins (the liberated souls) derive bliss from a bath in the confluence of these three hallowed names. It fulfills all worldly and heavenly aspirations!


It is the essence of all Vedas and scriptures and grants lasting peace by giving deliverance from all sufferings. Chanting of Divine names is not dependent on  baths, sandhyas, japas, ceremonies like tarpana, homa (by the medium of agni : fire) — and is the safest path where one cannot commit any mistake. The Namasankirtana-Prayag produces the complete Brahmanandam which is constant and beyond rise or fall.


One can immerse in this Divine Prayag by remembering the Divine Name in the heart, with the tongue uttering these holy names and the whole body engaged by happily dancing to the tune of Divine Names.


The Prayag of Namasankirtanam will by itself grant Devotion, detachment and Jnana (supreme knowledge) and will yield the fruit of true self-realization without getting tied up with sacrificial rites, yoga or renunciation.


The Prayag of these three names helps one to realise the Supreme by easily crossing the treacherous samsara (worldly life). Says, Sadhu Narayana Tirtha, that Chanting the Divine names, dispels the darkness of all types of sins and brings the light of Joy.


Sri Narayana Tirtha’s Krishna Leela Tarangini


रामक्रुष्ण – गोविन्देति नामसंप्रयोगे काममिह स्नातव्यं सर्वोत्तमप्रयागे

दिग्देशकालानपेक्ष सिद्धसर्वसुलभे सद्गुरुक्रुपासमुद्र सङ्गहेतुलाभे

रामनामगङ्गया मिलितक्रुष्णनाम यामुने गोविन्दनाम सरस्वतिप्रथिते

योगिमानसपरम् हंसकुलकलिते वागीशविष्णुरुद्रादि वाग्लहरीललिते

सरवलोकालोककाम साङ्गफलदाने निर्विशेष नित्यानन्द लाभसुनिदाने

ऋग्यजुस्सामादिवेद शाखिमूलविलसिते रागलोभादिसंताप शान्तिकरचरिते

स्नानसन्ध्याजपहोम तर्पणानपेक्षिते हानिवृध्यादिरहिता खण्डसुखफलदे

स्नानं मानसिकं तस्य स्मरणं वाचनिकम् कीर्तनं कायिकं तस्य कीर्तने सुनर्तनम्

योगयोगरागभोग त्यागसंबन्धं विना भक्तिविरक्ति विञान द्वारा मुक्तिफलदे

ब्रह्मविध्यालक्षण निरीक्षणविचक्षणे बाधितघोरसंसार वारण तत्कारणे

सर्वपापौघतिमिर चण्डसूर्यमण्डले साधुनारायणतीर्थ तीर्थराजविमले


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